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Si quieres emprender de la mano de una marca de éxito, infórmate sobre la franquicia líder en el sector restauración ¡Forma parte de la familia LIZARRAN!

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More than 25 years of experience in the sector

The first LIZARRAN opened in 1988; the first franchise opened ten years later. Now, with over 250 properties in operation in more than 15 countries, LIZARRAN continues to grow its national and international presence under the franchise system.

A consolidated franchise network

In Spain, the franchise system is a proven, stable business model, endorsed by leading retail and catering groups. The Comess Group, the people behind the LIZARRAN success story, offers a tried and tested business model with a unique identity. An internationally-recognised brand and a range of signature dishes, including our calentitos – delicious warm bites.

Affordable investment

At LIZARRAN we take care of all the details. Our Real Estate and Renovations departments study each property in detail to evaluate the investment required, helping to keep start-up costs at a minimum.

Tried-and-tested operating processes as a guarantee of success

LIZARRAN applies standard procedures to all areas of the business. A system developed over more than 25 years to support franchisees in the day-to-day running of their properties.

30% of LIZARRAN franchisees open a second operation

LIZARRAN franchisees enjoy great opportunities to advance with the brand. Proof of this is that 30% of our investors open a second LIZARRAN. And a happy franchisee is our best asset.

Leading international franchise

LIZARRAN is the world leader in its market sector. This means we have a deep understanding of the sector and offer our franchisees greater guarantees of success.

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About our franchisees

All our franchisees believe strongly in the LIZARRAN project. Whether self-employed or setting up as an investment, all understand the value of hard work and looking ahead.

100% transparency

From the moment a prospective franchisee comes to us for information about the brand until the time the contract is signed, our Expansion Team coordinates a series of meetings, where the candidate gets a full understanding of the LIZARRAN team and system before deciding to come aboard.

Introduction to the LIZARRAN system

The Expansion Team holds regular meetings with the candidate to discuss all the areas involved in running a LIZARRAN business. Candidates are provided with all the information they need about the company.

Finding a premises

LIZARRAN offers help, free of charge, in finding the ideal premises for each premises, tailoring business plans to the characteristics of each location.

Signing the contract

Once the candidate has received all the information and found the right premises, the franchise agreement is signed. We put transparency above all. Because of this LIZARRAN does not charge for its advisory services or require candidates to sign any kind of pre-contract.

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Complete training and on-the-job support

At LIZARRAN we place great importance on all our franchisees being familiar with every detail of our system. To make this a reality, we offer complete training courses at our head offices and in each establishment, featuring experts in point-of sale, kitchen and dining room operations.

Communication and marketing. Positioning and developing the LIZARRAN brand

The LIZARRAN team implements a range of standard and customised strategies to grow our media presence, and also works to strengthen public perception of the brand year-on-year.

R+D policy based on constantly improving produce and suppliers

Top chefs continually analyse the latest gastronomic trends, incorporating them into the extensive LIZARRAN offer of pinchos, tapas and platters. Constant innovation to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Supervision and support for all franchisees

Franchisees are backed by a complete Operations Department, helping in the day-to-day running of their premises. Overall Area Managers liaise directly between franchisees and head office.

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What is Lizarran?

Our franchisees talk about what it means to form part of the leading pincho brand: the strong points of LIZARRAN, their experience as entrepreneurs and the day-to-day of running their own restaurants. A new way of accessing information about a brand with more than 250 premises in operation.

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At LIZARRAN we put transparency first. Information is our first priority. We want our franchisees to be certain, from the very beginning, of what it means to be a part of the LIZARRAN brand. The following is a list of FAQs regarding the franchise system. For further information, or for any other questions you may have, feel free to contact us using the form. We will be happy to attend to each request individually.

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LIZARRAN is a member of the Comess Group, one of Spain’s leading catering-sector conglomerates. The Comess Group operates over 300 establishments in more than 20 countries. A Spanish company with a consolidated position and a tried-and-tested business model.

No. Our Training Department will offer you and your team full training, whether your operation is already up and running or whether you are just starting out. Ongoing support will be provided by your Area Manager.

LIZARRAN conducts a detailed study of the investment required in each case. A Business Plan tailored to your individual needs.

The up-front fee is paid on signature of the contract, after the franchisee has found a premises and has all the information needed to start out.

We help here too! Our Property Department maintains a list of premises suitable for potential LIZARRAN operations.

We do! LIZARRAN has its own Renovations Department. A team of professionals, working with a selected group of suppliers, oversees each project.

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Join the team!

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